For information on why we need a deposit scroll to the bottom of the page. If you can't see your model number under the 'PAY DEPOSIT' product then you do not need to pay one and we will be in touch shortly to arrange your repair.

"Why do i need to pay a deposit?" We hear you cry, a fair question. We repair countless phones and tablets every day, most of which need parts that are relatively cheap to stock in comparison to Samsung's flagship S Series smartphones. Our profit margin on these repairs is very small so stocking even 1 of every screen type would literally cost us thousands of pounds. Therefore we ask that you pay a 50% deposit (or the full amount if you choose) so that we know you are 100% committed to proceeding with the repair and we can then get the part in stock for you (the parts usually arrive in less than 24-48 hours). Thanks for reading this disclaimer and supporting local business.

* Average response time is 45 minutes to booking requests received between 8am & 7pm Mon-Fri and 10am & 4pm on weekends. Bookings made outside of these times will be addressed the next day.