You don't need insurance, you need ASSURANCE!

Like insurance, but BETTER!!

Whether you are a one man band, part of a small business or CEO of a major company, we can offer you the perfect repair or supply service package to suit your IT needs.

How many years have you had insurance and never claimed on it? Or when you did claim, discovered that there was a huge excess to pay that was more the actual cost of the repair you needed and had to send your device away for a week?

 It's a mistake thousands of people are making every week - don't be one of them, we do things a little differently around here...well, a LOT differently!! For starters there is NO excess payment on any of our plans and when you need us for a repair, we'll be there for you the very same or next day.

Choose the plan that suits you best, below you will find examples of different packages we offer. For a bespoke plan unique to you or your business, just contact us and we'll make you an offer you can't refuse!

Ideal for individuals or families who want a repair plan for their current device
Perfect for individuals or small businesses that need handsets too
Ultimate service for your business inc. supply and repair of numerous devices

With one of our Smart Service Plans you can 'insure', buy, hire purchase or rent a number of handsets and tablets for yourself or your workers sound in the knowledge that if they get damaged we will be there to repair them on-site as fast as we can. Best of all, with the right plan there's no excess to pay because it's all built into your monthly premium-revolutionary! If you already have your handsets then cancel your insurance and make the smart choice, move to a Smart Service Plan.

How can our business help your business?...

We will work with you to find the best possible deal to ensure that you never need to worry or waste time trying to find a supply or repair firm ever again!