You don't need insurance, you need ASSURANCE!

Introducing ProTech protection by iRepairs Hull, the perfect alternative to mobile phone insurance. Insurance companies have been taking your money for nothing for years and then when you need it, you have to pay an extortionate excess fee!

With ProTech, one low monthly fee gets you a screen protector PLUS a whole host of benefits for if and when you break your device including water damage, we'll even let you spread the cost of any repair over 3 months or use your benefits for friends & family! So cancel your insurance & check out our deals below, it will save you money in the long run!

Once you have selected your package, you'll be asked to complete a direct debit mandate (POWERED BY GO CARDLESS) which will recur on the 28th of every month. On confirmation, we'll be in touch to get your device details then your benefits including screen protector will start instantly, allow 2 working days for voucher and screen protector delivery.

£3.49 per month

£4.99 per month

£7.49 per month

£9.99 per month


Redeemable once against any repair or product, you may donate your voucher to a family member or friend, it will be delivered to you with your first set of screen protectors.

All benefits as listed above are active from the date you subscribed to the ProTech plan up until the 28th of the same month, this is your free period. After this time you must keep your Direct Debit active to benefit from the features of the plan to which you are subscribed.
EXAMPLE: Subscription started on 9th March 2022, screen protectors & voucher dispatched 11th March 2022, benefits active until 27th March 2022. 

Direct Debit payments are taken on the 28th of every month, this gives you cover for the following month.
EXAMPLE: Direct Debit taken on 28th May 2022 activates all benefits for use until 27th June 2022.
Screen protectors are shipped on the 1st of every month, depending on your location you may receive a hand-delivered package.
We will happily fit your screen protectors for free at mutually convenient time.
You may use any of your benefits for a family member or friend upto 4 times a year but never more than once in a calendar month.

DISCLAIMER: Screen protectors do not make your device indestructible and we  cannot guarentee that your device will not break on impact even with one on.