How our grading system works

   Whenever you buy something over the internet you're naturally suspicious about the true quality of the product you're about to purchase, that's why we here at iPhone Screen Repairs Hull take great care in defining the condition and price of all our devices.

  What's more, we only use one 'generic' image to indicate the model of the device then every other image is of the very product you'll be purchasing. Just contact us to see detailed photos of the device you want.

Grade A⭐️ - This is the best money can buy, fully boxed with all accessories and in 'as new' condition, this item will have been fully reconditioned by our expert technicians to look, feel & work like a brand new device. No scratches, no damage.

Grade A+ - As above, this item is in 'as new' condition but may not include the original box or accessories.

Grade A - This device is in very good or excellent condition, has a brand new screen and is fully tested by our professionals. It has not been fully refurbished but will only have minimal signs of use on it's rear housing, the majority of our sales are this high standard.

Grade B - This device is in good condition with some aesthetic imperfections  but is in fully working condition. May have some light scratches to screen and/or rear housing. May not include accessories.

Grade C - Our budget model, this device has notable damage and scratches to the housing and screen but has been fully tested and works as it should. Does not include any accessories.