T & C's

All of our repairs and devices come with a warranty to protect you against part failures that aren't your fault, see below for more details.

Repair warranty

   We know your smart device is like your baby, that's why we insist that all repairs on smartphones & tablets come with a standard 12 month warranty, this is limited to:

  • Part failure (of the replacement part) through no interference of an external body (you or 3rd party repairer).
  • Manufacturer LCD/digitiser screen fault (i.e. Touch screen unresponsive 'has a mind of its own' or glass 'coming away' from the housing). PLEASE SCROLL TO THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE ON HOW TO CLAIM.
What's not covered includes but is not limited to:
  • Should you drop your device down the toilet or on the floor etc and smash the screen/damage the new part this would not be covered under warranty. 
  • Your phone's chasis/housing being damaged or bent to the point that the new screen will not comfortably fit inside of it (you will be notified if this is the case at the time of repair).
  • Causing pressure to, miss-use of and attempting to re-repair your screen or part will void it's warranty.
  • Water damage
  • Accidental damage
  • Screen glass cracking/smashing
  • Screen damage caused by a swelling/defective battery (this will push your screen up and cause the glass to come away from it's plastic bezel)
  • Plus size models with 'touch disease' (this is a problem with the actual iPhone and is generally considered to be irrepairable)
  • Face ID & Touch ID: the repair of your screen will not break your Face ID or Touch ID function. If Touch ID or Face ID is already broken then it cannot be fixed. If Face ID fails post-repair, this is not due to the repair as if it was then it would be noticed at the point of repair due to Apple's system notification software features.
  • We accept no responsibilty for failure of compontents or parts unrelated to the specific repair undertaken on a device that manifest themselves at a later date.
  • Backlight IC chip failure (very rare)-this is a motherboard malfunction that is beyond our control. The exact cause of backlight failure is unknown but is often attributed to; power surge, non-apple charge leads, impact /shock to the device. Your backlight may already have been damaged at the point of you requiring a repair but is almost impossible to diagnose until it fails (whether that be before or after a screen repair)
  • Selling your device post-repair: whilst we honour the warranty for any repair we make on a device rather than it's owner, we are not responsible for additional costs associated with returning the device to us for either assessment or replacement.
  • Intermitent faults either beyond our scope of expertise or faults that are undiagnosable due to the complex nature of technology repairs are not covered by warranty.
  • Motherboard chip failures (often caused by dropping or impacting the device) are not covered under warranty.
  • Any service provided free of charge or 'at cost price' will not be covered by any warranty from iPhone Screen Repairs Hull.
  • Rear glass repairs come with no warranty, we only guarentee that no other conponents on your device will be damaged during the repair process. Once you take receipt of your device post-repair you'll be asked to inspect it for your satisfaction. If you are not satisfied upon inspection we'll happily replace it again at no cost to you.
  • Free or purchased screen protectors provided by iPhone Screen Repairs Hull do not make your device indestructable and do not come with any guarentee that your screen will not break even with one on.
  • Using our service for repair of your device will invalidate your manufacturer's warranty unless stipulated in their own terms and conditions of sale or service.

Device purchase warranty

  All devices purchased from iPhone Screen Repairs Hull come with 12 month warranty, this includes:

  • Faulty screen/LCD failure through no interference from an external body (i.e. You or a 3rd party repairer)
  • Defective charge port
  • Forward and rear facing camera failure
  • Earpiece & loudspeaker failure
  • Vocal microphone failure
 This warranty does NOT cover:
  • Liquid/moisture damage
  • Poor battery life caused by inefficient charging or where foreign charge adapters have been used
  • Poor chargability caused by inferior charge cables
  • Accidental damage
  • Loss
  • Miss-use of or deliberate damage to the device
  • Battery life
  • Smashing/breaking your screen will invalidate your device's warranty

How to make a claim

  We purchase only the best quality screens & parts on the market to ensure your complete satisfaction, that said however, we are not immune to the occasional faulty part caused by manufacturer error.
  If you think your part may be faulty please get in touch click the 'make a claim' button at the earliest oppertunity and our friendly and professional technicians will work with you to get to the bottom of the issue as fast as possible and resolve it.
  Once a pre-diagnosis has been made we will arrange with you the best time to replace the faulty part. During this time it is imperitive that you do not interfere with or damage the part as we cannot replace parts  that are not in their original condition (ie a screen that was replaced a week prior to you getting in touch about a potential fault but you have since cracked/smashed it). Although this may seem unfair, please appreciate that we could not possibly replace every screen that is claimed to be faulty if it has a crack in it!

By allowing iPhone Screen Repairs Hull to repair your device you accept in full these terms and conditions of sale & service.